Dishwasher Insurance

Why You Need A Dishwasher Warranty

Appliance Protection Line provide a great Dishwasher Insurance warranty policy to ensure that you’re not without your Dishwasher for long, as we know you don’t want to be doing those dirty plates for too long!

Your Dishwasher Is Probably Used Once A Day

Your Dishwasher is at the forefront of your family and home requirements and needs to be repaired quickly if something goes wrong which is why Dishwasher Insurance is so important so you can avoid those arguments over who’s turn it is!

Get More For Less With Our Dishwasher Insurance

We cover a great deal more than a lot of other competitors, at a lower cost than most so why not get a quote for our Dishwasher Cover by filling in the form on the right.

How Do You Get Covered?

Simply fill in the form on the right hand side and we’ll get an adviser to call you back as soon as possible, or call 0800 7797444. We offer a flexible range of payment plans via card or Direct Debit on a quarterly basis with four items covered or if you pay annually you’ll be entitled to a discount of 5% for any quantity of appliances insured.

Our Dishwasher Cover Summary

  • Any make and model Dishwasher
  • Free standing or integrated Dishwashers
  • Accidental, electrical and mechanical damage covered
  • Unlimited claims with no increase in premiums
  • No unexpected bills to pay
  • 5% off when purchase an annual policy

Existing faults are not covered under this policy (although we can repair these for you) and there are some items that are not covered under this policy including commercial use, routine maintenance, cosmetic repairs and replaceable accessories such as batteries/fuses. For full exclusion details please read our terms and conditions here.

Also if you claim within 30 days of the policy start date you will be charged £175 excess, after 30 days there is no excess and you can make as many claims as you need to.


What Our Customers Said:

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